perambulating large behind

Christmas was too much fun, all day long. Sooty made himself sick he got so excited when Mummasan and I raced around the perimeter banging saucepans to announce Prezzie Time! We didn’t stop laughing from about that point on. Today I helped Mum invest in more ‘new technology’, very exciting. We now have a vacuum cleaner that actually sucks. Upon arriving home there were not only letters from wonderful friends waiting, but big box of prezzies too! So lovely.

At sunset today I was wandering around the house withal huge, ripe, delicious smelling mango in my hand. As I sat down to watch the view from the sundeck I realised I really have my priorities completely stuffed. What’s there to complain about?

Happy New Year Everyone!

PS. I also realised that somewhere in the last year I started dressing like a yuppie. Does this mean New Years Carbombs at the Yukon is off? Will my punkrock friends in the Real World still love me?
My Dad’s favourite saying is There’s Class, and there’s Arse. Which one am I? No wait, don’t answer that.

Shiver Me Timbers!<- I like Pirates.

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