It’s so hot it’s FIRE SEASON

The was a terrible fire on the Eyre Penninsula on Tuesday, + some sporadic flames in the Hills as well. Today in the paper one of the political cartoons was a tsunami wave, coloured red. Still not sure how I feel about that, although, with all the horror stories from either disaster fresh in my mind, it seems sort of in poor taste. In other news, it’s tacos for tea.

Momma, I noticed you neglected to post your personality test results – AS DID James + Aurelia…:puke:

2 thoughts on “It’s so hot it’s FIRE SEASON

  1. the least you coulda done after nagging and nagging me to post, is make my “puking smile” actually be blowing chunks on the other smiley! hell, I got that for my desktop now, if for nothing else, it really grossed out my roomate…

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