Gift from the Twilight Zone

Recieved a package yesterday… actually, it arrived on Aurelia’s birthday, but the Postal Witches like to harass + abuse me. So when I went down to the PO, 2-packages-waiting-for-you slip in hand + thinking “Ooooh” to myself… first I got berated for there being no name on the slip, left in our mailbox by the postie. I am unsure how to respond the first three times I am told that “There REALLY should be a NAME here…” Eventually she feels she has scolded me enough + asks for some ID, + promptly returns saying NO, NOTHING FOR BRIAN… rrr + despite the fact that both my name + ‘relia’s name was on the package. I suggest looking under Aurelia’s name, or Robyn’s. PW returns after a few minutes with 1 fairly abused package – a replacement ink cartridge, addressed to Aurelia. “That’s ALL!” PW declares angrily, giving me the “I know you’re an American Terrorist” eye, not for the last time. So ‘reya got some magenta for her BD. Not nearly as exciting as the secret Other Package –
Smilie Tree Face
“SMILIE TREE FACE” – no, your eyes do not decieve you. Mom… This is so weird… on many levels. Separated, the peices look like poops – this is Aurelia’s observation. I will post a pic of the NZXmas Tree with its ‘face’ – we swapped some eyes + the mustachio’d mouth looks pretty good… WTF AM I TALKING ABOUT!? *TZ music* Anyway. 3 months + some nonsense later, thank you momma. The Postal Witches gave Aurelia a hard time for leaving the package at the PO for so long… Oh, they will get their just dessertsNinja Kill Postal Witches..?
p.s. – watch out for the baby jellyfish if you go for a dip! Oh, + Happy Australia Day.

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  1. Well, you see, we had the ‘faces’ on the rug in our bedroom. I was pretty out of it yesterday so I kept walking past our bedroom door and thinking there were big poops on the rug. Personally I blame Pocket for past indiscretions.

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