New Year – New Weblog

Ah so!
My newbie CSS skills just aren’t up to the task of writing a comfy – cozy weblog for ninjakitty, but that’s ok coz these guys have done it for me already!

In the latest news, which I can’t really devote the appropriate amount of time to as I have to go get ready to go my friend Jai’s opening at Sugar…
actually, I think I’ll just save the updates for later.

In the meantime, go see Lemony Snicket playing at a movie theatre near you. Boo and I took Mummasan to go see it last night and we oohed and ahed (and I bust up laughing in that loud obnoxious way I’m wont to) all the way through. B and I made a conscious decision to read the books after we saw the movie so we could love them both. Does that make sense? Anyway, if you do go see it here’s some tips: in the opening scenes keep your eyes peeled for Muddy Muddskipper, and stay all the way through the credits – there’s a puppet show animation you just have to see.

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