Terrified of Life

I’ve been working my butt and my brains out for the last two weeks to get ready for the exhibition I’m hanging tomorrow. *bushed* about sums it up.
When I look at all the prints lined up I can’t help thinking ‘ good god, you’re a strange one ‘relia.’ Still, better out than in, as they say – although perhaps that’s not quite what they meant.

I get the proofs for the invitations tomorrow. Fingers crossed they’ll look nifty.

In other news I’m car hunting. For some reason I let my Dad talk me into taking out a personal loan to get a car, and I’ve picked out a nifty lil silver thingie. The used car dealers are being dipshits (nothing new there) and my Dad was a total putz today about the whole deal. I’m definately gettting that ‘run away while you still can feeling.’ I think I would too, if I could just choose where to run away to. And wouldn’t it be more fun to drive?

One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see the backside of Tuesday. Hopefully the fact that its January’s birthday will mean there’s enough magic in the air to make it all go tickety-boo. Fingers crossed

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