w00t for new toys!

Awww, I wanted to break through the trend-tra. Ah well. *watches to see if anyone registers to comment*

*stumbles through mad rusty html skillz*

I am so bored of the inside of my brain right now. I wake up + fall asleep to the Magnetic Fields’ I’m Tongue Tied bouncing around in my head, which is so very annoying because I don’t even really like the damn song, it’s just stuck there – Jamie, thank you for the Múm!! It is helping wash the madness away, when I can listen to it. Otherwise, it’s I mumble, some jumble… + guestimating how much 110 grams of shaved smoked Rivergum ham is x_x – something I am disturbingly good at. I am wasting my talent, apparently… I should run away + join the circus. I just haven’t had brainspace to work on any of my coolfun creative projects, like this webbesite. I have been doing a little painting, inspired by a passage from Gormenghast that Aurelia has been obsessing over… but there are other things crawling around in my brain that need to get out… if only they could sneak past the godforsaken bung fritz + “You kiss me, a mystery…

“That’s why I’m rad – cos it’s almost 11pm + I’m painting the ceiling,” says Aurelia.

*sips Cabal Coffee* I recommend an in-home espresso machine to everyone. Not only is frothing (soy)milk fun, there is nothing like that eighth cuppa @_@ (ta, sb)

It is time to start looking for a cool bike. I miss being able to rocket around at a will.

“Sweetie, there’s a drum circle down on the beach!” Ooh, they attract firespinners at night. Special.

H’ok, enough rantypole for one post. *peas*

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