No Gambling Allowed

Finally, a summer day instead of the rainy cold nonsense we’ve had for a week. Aurelia + I took the “new” silver Echo (did reya mention she bought a car?) up to the Marino Lighthouse Conservation Park for a bit of a picnic. Snapped a few happies with the Holga, I’ll post those if they come out – the view is incredible, the industrial port spookiness to the south, Brighton to the north, + blue bay as far as you can see west.

Papa Carbone hooked us up with an old record player + amp/eq that was just kicking in the dust, so we’ve pulled out our vinyl collection again! Starting to feel like ourselves, + Throwing Muses’ Limbo is just as great as it ever was.

Anyhow. Gorgeous day going to waste.

1 thought on “No Gambling Allowed

  1. moshi-moshi guys.
    nice site you’ve got here 🙂
    i am so happy for you {regarding the comment that you are finally starting to feel like yourselves}.
    miss you tons!
    although nyc rocks there is something missing here — i think it’s all of my friends.
    love to you!

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