Around the corner from our house is a great little coffee shop/ delicatessen called edge. It’s owned by a friend of mine from back in the dawn of time by the name of Troi. He is one very cool cat – with some goofy tendencies.
The coffee is excellent.
Yesterday Troi asked me howsitgoing? and I realised that I gave entirely the wrong answer.
Instead of telling him about how excited I am to be teaching, about the photograph I’ve entered in the Art Gallery of NSW Annual Portrait Prize Competition, the photo I donated to the antipoda Tsunami Aid Art Auction or just the overwhelming good feelings in my tummy and general happiness with life, I offloaded a bunch of junk about Family Drama. SO strange. I am bored with the melodrama surrounding my Dad, sister and sister’s partner. I can’t be bothered even thinking about it, so why would I bother a friend with all that?
Sorry Troi. I know you’ll probably never read this, but I’ll try harder to give a better answer next time.

Now for the ActionJackson section of this post.
In recent news from the Beachouse, there was a raging battle between the Pirates (large black bearded fellow aka Mustapha Sooty Biscuit) and one of the Ninjas (me). During the course of battle the ninjas sustained embarassingly heavy injuries and had to go to the ER for stitches. Now I have another cool scar to add to the collection on my face – any more and I’ll have to change teams. Ninjas don’t get scars, they are either dead, or not dead. Pirates on the other hand get all kinds of scars. It’s part of the dress code. just sounds insane. Oh well.
Btw, Sooty is still apologising and it’s been about a week since the battle.

2 thoughts on “brainflop

  1. Ninjas are allowed to have scars… just look at Hatake Kakashi. He got his scar from a battle with a Rock Ninja, or so the story goes.

    Your encounter with Long John Sooty Biscuit sounds much more difficult than dealing with a simple Rock Ninja, even though pirates aren’t terribly stealthy.

  2. I guess my childhood dreeam of becoming a spy has been totally crushed by my new scar. Now I can’t check the No box next to the ‘Distinguishing Features’ section on the ASIO application form, although to be honest it isn’t very visible. Just another wrinkle for lipstick to collect in when I’m an old lady.
    At least it goes up instead of down – I just look even more smiley 🙂

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