Early Shamrock Fun

Summer is peeking out a bit this week. Best go for a swim. *slip slap slops on sunblock*
“Outside! Gaurd the house!” *Soot hides under computer desk*
Brighton Festy-val is on, basically they close off Jetty Road + toss a lot of sausages on the barby.
We’re both working on St. Paddy’s (thursday 17th, yo) so I took Aurelia down to the Seacliff last night for Irish Carbombs, recipe is as follows;
1/2 Pint Guiness
combined 1/2 shot Jameson Whiskey – 1/2 shot Bailey’s
Drop the shot into pintglass, skull beverage. Quickly now, before the Bailey’s curdles.
Now: Go on walkabout.
Quite tasty, yes.

Ok, sunblock has set in. To the beach!

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