Summer Keeps On

While it looks like we’re going to be able to eke out a few more sunny sunny days, already it’s brrr at night. Where has summer gone? I am busy busting out a few last peices for when Aurelia pulls down here photographs + I put up my paintings at the Duke of York. Currently immersed in octopus tentacles + lemonaide. I am sure I will find time to update my gallery…

Just want to put in a quiet word for Roosevelt Paneak, my good friend James’ father who has moved on to the clearing at the end of the path. He was always a positive role-model, always willing to work a little harder to make sure his family was comfortable, as well as being a incredibly creative + talented fellow. I will never forget the day he came downstairs, picked up the accoustic, + rocked out a tune I’d been struggling with all day, + I will always be grateful for the generosity he + Beth showed me when I was busy being a couch-surfing bum. Thank you Rosy! You will be missed.

Rosy Whale

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