glorious morning

My escapist tendencies are getting a little out of hand. When I finished Yann Martel’s Self I was distraught for days… how could the main character just give up like that? How could s/he give up happiness because of a few hours of violence?! and !!! It took three days to come back to earth.
Since MD lent us the anime Fruits Basket DVD series it’s been even worse. Brian bought me the first of the manga and I’m just busting to know more… I’ve watched the series twice and on my third re-read of Volume 1. I’ve even been trolling the net for translations from the japanese editions that haven’t been released by Tokyopop. What’s wrong with me? Am I really that dissatisfied with reality?
Brian used to ask me “Obsess much”? all the time when were were first getting to know eachother; and I’ve always had my head in the clouds, “chasing bunnies” as Dad would say. The pictures I’m trying to get out of my head and on to paper are all very loosely grounded in reality. Maybe I should spend some more time thinking about that. I wonder if this is what Takashi Murakami was talking about when he spoke about people looking to fantasy/cosplay to escape “a closed world with no way out”? Not that I want to start dressing up like Tohru Honda (hmm.. maybe that’s not true) and going to role-playing events, but I do have such a good time thinking about Fruits Basket and whatever else is in my pocket at the time.
Maybe I just need more to do with my brain. Maybe I miss being comfortable being myself. I think that must be why I like to weblog – there’s absolutey no point in trying to be anyone other than yourself, and if anyone reading has a problem with what you have to say – well, that’s what comments are for!

3 thoughts on “glorious morning

  1. Relia’
    Don’t go hiding under a rock everytime you get confused as to the motives of a fictional peep. I mean down under there are more than enough reasons to start hiding without having to work in reading. Books, who needs em?.

    Sorry my website has been dragging. I got a commission to design and build all the furniture and displays for a new shoe and jewelry store opening in NE P-town. All of them. Well except some crap from IKEA. Lots of work, and lots of money. Needless to say there has been some heavy crates of toys coming to the house.

    I normally think blogs are phoey, but like the idea of being able to leave comments on the phoey, so will check back.

  2. Andrew,
    Where would I be if you weren’t there to comment about my phooey? Usually I get a beer to sweeten the blow, but it’s all good. 😉
    Sure do miss you.

  3. It’s cool, the beers are being stock piled, so that the next time we are able to exchange thoughts there will be no shortage of beverages.

    Hearing from you more often, makes me think of how much I miss you and Yen all the more.

    Ah, well.

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