a very private person

I’ve been talking about a fantastical event I’ve been building in the shed for a few months now… well, this isn’t it.

This is an idea I’ve had since we arrived in Australia and I began to notice how some of my dearest friends were drifting away – not through anyones fault – just because it happens naturally. Somehow it’s hard to keep up with all those little unimportant things that really are the spice of life when you live so far away.

I love you.
How are you?
Who are you?

a very private person

18 thoughts on “a very private person

  1. How has nobody commented on this yet?

    It’s really cool that you can post images on here so we can all take a look.

    I like the grass, though i wish the picture was bigger. I always like bigger pictures. Like big screen tvs and stuff like that. And monster trucks, they rock as well.

    But seriously folks, I have always felt like I have the vocabulary to critique and analyze three dimensional works, but lack that vocabulary when it comes to two dimensional pieces. Some sort of block.

    The image is haunting, and I like the sense that the figure is approaching, but still quite hazy and far away. Some of that might be sneeze on my monitor though. I can’t find the windex.

    Love you, lots.


  2. Shucks.

    You know Andrew, no-one commented on this one, either:

    In fact you’re the first person to make any kind of comment about any of the pictures I put up here. Never mind. I guess you’re all just shy. 😛

    Thanks for the giggles! If there’s one constant thing in these topsy-turvy times, it’s that I can always count on you and Boo to make me belly-laugh. 🙂

  3. If nothing else can be said about me I can always make someone else laugh.

    It’s rather intimidating to think of posting a response to a work of AHRT that millions of internet ahrt critics can read. I would hate for my legacy on the “net” to go down as that of an idiot.

  4. Andrew can make other people laugh.

    I like the picture. The face is very bright…
    I don’t get the impression that the person is approaching, though. It looks like they are about to turn around, crest the hill and go over the edge of it with just a remainder of a head and then nothing.

    It brings out a sense of nostalgia in me.

    Speaking of those who are drifting,

    j 🙂

  5. Well, if it isn’t gorjamus! Hiya sweet-cheeks!

    I’ll tell you a secret. Her face is very bright because she’s wearing a white mask. The real photo is 32 x32 cm (that’s 12″ squared), which makes it easer to see.
    In fact, if you look at the photo reeeeealy closely, you can see that the little shape behind her is a little girl, that the little girl is giving us a little wave, and holding a teddybear.

    Did you see the Happy Sniffs on the Small Present Moment page?

  6. It’s too small for me to see if well enough to comment on the little girl, but my impression about art involving little girls is that it’s usually for PED-o-philes. Seems no good to me.

    Where did you find a little girl? And a lady with a white face? Or did you conjure them up using digital art stuffs and photo goo?

    I am still sleepy.

  7. I found them at the local Deli. We made a trade. I took some nice Mum and Daughter at the Park photos for them, and they posed for me. It was a very fun day.
    None of that nasty P word for me, thankyou very much. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

  8. Now I *know* you’re just trying to wind me up.

    They hurt because it’s nasty business. I’ll be inviting about a million strangers to come and see this website through the advertising for my next exhibition. It would be nice if some of them left with a good impression, so let’s leave the politically sensitive topics to when they are relevant, ok?

    Trading does make life more interesting, I agree. Symbiosis is often a plesant experience.

  9. Aurelia,
    I’m sorry, yer right. Not funny to imply that your work even remotely references such a heavy and horid topic. I think anyone should be able to gather from your adept use of swirls in the main layout of the site that any such comment is asinine.

  10. Is this interweb site where I can by a ninja costume for my cat? Yahoo linked me here when I searched. Halloween is approaching and Puppy doesn’t have anything to wear.

  11. Aaron, you of all people should know – a fabulous ninja has silk lining in his stealth action outfit, usually in an outrageous colour like lime sorbet.
    Also, the fabulous ninja has a cape.

    What did they teach you in Japan? o_O

  12. There are freakin’ ninja kitties all over. Crazy lady upstairs has 3 cats who come out at night to pitter-patter all over the roof, the porch, and the back yard. Their tiny bodies cast enormous and frightening shadows. It doesn’t help that Andrew’s ladybird makes us watch scary ghost movies.

    Hmm.. I didn’t learn much about ninjas in Japan. I did see one, though. http://www.aarongood.com/japan/PAGES/IMG_1722.HTM

    Yes, ninjas wear Converse. Well, indie ninjas wear ’em.

    I really did expect some ninjas to appear here: http://www.aarongood.com/japan/PAGES/CRW_2036.HTM

    I hope those links work.

  13. Yes, I did see the happy sniffs on the website. They made me happy and loved to be a part of such a….project? Person’s life? No, to be included 🙂 yes, that’s it.

    I heard Aaron got beat up by a ninja.

    js 🙂

  14. Ok, the picture again. That makes me feel better that she is wearing a mask because the face kinda was wierd (creepy?) the first time I saw it….Kinda like that guy who did the nightmare before christmas face. And I thought she was holding a blanket next to her.

    huh, whole different out look on that picture now that I can “see” it through your description

    js 🙂

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