Spacing Out

Have a bit of a headcold here. Forgive the @_@ vibe.

Spent a good bit of today staring at the dark side of various planets in our solar system via Celestia + trying to imagine the Earth without any oceans. Yesterday, I sat on the moon + made the Earth rise over + over by rewinding time. Up. Down. Up. Down. Then I did fly-bys until I was sufficiently weirded out + had to go lay down for a bit.

Saw Revenge of the Sith, + although I certainly was not dissapointed with this episode of Star Wars, while waiting in line outside the theatre for seating to begin, I remembered just how freaked out James + I were when we read back in 1995 or thereabouts that Lucas was coming back to shoot Eps I II + III, + I was struck with the realization that I was supposed to see all these with him, + we managed to see none of them together! :/ Still, we have been having a good back + forth over RotS (MACE WAS A PUNK!!). I need to refuel for further debate. . . ESB, move over. . .

Aurelia has been working like a freak on some new site layout jobbies, I need to put a little time into that too. I likes, + this place is sort of a shambles. Shouldn’t be long now, though, + we’ll have a nice new look etc. Maybe even some new content! O_o

1 thought on “Spacing Out

  1. you just gotta say the guy with “bad ass motherfucker” on his lightsaber is a punk to rile me up.

    theres always the t.v. seres he’s comming out with as far as us holding hands and sharing hot tommales right?

    spacing out…its a good thing…its either that or participate in the mayhem that is civilization, and look how messy that is! Id rather be visiting Cloud City.

    but reading this tidbit makes me really miss my fav couple. I’m going to go gorge myself on bbq chicken pizza now. see what you’ve done!

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