the Thing of Gormenghast forest

the Thing of Gormenghast forest
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From Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

He had become more an antelope than a boy, but for all his speed he must have been a novice in the art of travel “through moss-leaping“ for suddenly, while he was in mid-air, his arms held out on either side for balance, he caught sight, for the merest fraction of an instant, of a living creature.
Like himself, it was in mid-air, but there was no other resemblance. This creature was exquisitely slender. It floated through the golden air like a feather, the slender arms along the sides of the gracile body, the head turned slightly away and inclined as though on a pillow of air.

Spreading into the clear distances, the forest floor like a sea of golden moss. From its heaving expanses, arose, as through the chimera of a daydream, a phantasmic gathering of ancient oaks. Like dappled gods they stood, each in his own preserve, the wide glades of moss flowing between them in swathes of gold and green and away into the clear, dwindling distances.

8 thoughts on “the Thing of Gormenghast forest

  1. Dude that’s the coolest thing ever. We should try and find you some art representation here in the USA then you will have to come back for the openings, and to be inducted into the museum or something like that.

  2. It’s not your first, and it certainly won’t be your last.

    Beautiful work. I’d been looking forward to seeing this since I saw Brian’s painting… now we must eat fajitas, I’ll call your people.

  3. Wow, very interesting. The form looks like it’s floating… gives me the impression that it doesn’t belong to the earth or the air. I like the sunset/sunrise. And it’s very weird – I wouldn’t expect anything else from you, though. 🙂

  4. Soup-Herb, ‘Relia. I like that one very much so….so says my gut reaction…words may at one time float to my fingers onto the page, but for now, I shall just admire it.


  5. Hey Aurelia,

    Great work! Congrats on your prize-winning, in Japan no less. I just Googled you while working at the helpdesk here at Reed. I’m so glad to see you are still making art. Your two prints are on my office wall, along with a batch of new paintings from my first semester of painting class. Check out our class’ work at and feel free to drop my a note.

    Hi to yen!


  6. Hi Ben! It’s lovely to read from you. I guess I did neglect to mention that this picture was included as a “Jury Recommended Work” in the 2005 [9th] Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo, Japan. You can only imagine how completely over the moon it made me. There were so many fantastic artists represented at teh Festival, I felt so honoured to be included. One day I *will* go to Japan.

    I’m going to send you a wee email update right this minute. You are a champ for still being at Reed – when you’re on to a good thing…

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