Winter Solstice

+ happy birthday Robyn!

It is all bluster + rain here. The weather is trying its best to pry the house apart – water seeping in through windows, wind sneaking about rattling doors. . . amazing that the beachouse has withstood this sort of nonsense for as many decades as it has. We were downtown yesterday picking up the birthday tart + frogs, + we were forcibly reminded of the Burnside wind – fond memories of slowly making my way up to Powell’s Warehouse of Used&New Books while freezing Portland rain comes at me sideways. Or waiting to catch the bus while Burnside does its wind-tunnel thing – Brrr! I sort of expected the roof to come off last night.

Oh yes, I recieved an Australian Permanent Residency sticker for my passport the other day, w00t etc. Other than that, we’ve mostly been running in circles to keep our hands warm. Here’s to longer days to come. . .

1 thought on “Winter Solstice

  1. Wow, that’s so wierd, you are on longer days while we here in ‘Mmmmericah are expecting shorter days from here on out.

    Huh, for some reason I just had an image of the world being a rubicks ball of some sort.

    *click* *shift* *snap*


    js 🙂

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