ha ha ha plonk

It is very cold in this room. Bless these fingerless mittens!
This ‘preparing to have an exhibition’ business is gruesome. Soon it will be past and then I can go back to making art in the shed. *gets out new smilies page* :yar:

Why is it gruesome, ‘relia? Is the question you are probably not asking at this moment, which is really too bad because I’m going to tell you.
Well, there’s such enormous potential to make a complete arse out of yourself, for a start. I already have a considerable issue with the foot-mouth relationship so it’s really just a matter of time before I do/say something to really be remembered by. 😳
Then there’s all the things you forget – like putting the name of the festival you are part of on your invitations. That was a pretty important thing to forget. But! I am listed in the SALA Festival website, I hope that will make amends.
The booze issue continues to baffle me. The lady who organises the exhibitions assures me that I will need more than two cases of wine. 2 cases = 24 bottles = 120 glasses of wine! Who are all these thirsty people?! Anyway, I only have two, presently – so if you’re coming, come on time! 😉
Writing a Press Release turned out to be very easy, as the lovely Lynda Allen from the Helpmann Academy offered to do it for me. She sent them out today, so fingers crossed on that one.
I don’t even want to think about any of the rest of it. Next topic!

I’ll do a little boasting instead – Mark Kimber, the Head of Photography at Uni SA has agreed to open the exhibition for me. I feel special. 😀
Also, I applied to participate in the Helpmann Academy Mentorship scheme a few months ago, and my application was accepted! Yay! Goodness, I can see you going cross-eyed from here. What does that mean? 😕 It means that … Well it means that I am special. It also means they have offered to pay an artist of my choice to mentor my art practice, and will be giving me some money to make art. That’s sufficiently vague of me, but there’s a much better description on the Helpmann website (see above). I’m very excited about that as I chose Mark Kimber, who is both extremely personable and makes very intriguing photographs using fancy equipment.

3 thoughts on “ha ha ha plonk

  1. I am happy to see some new content on your BLOG.

    Congats again on the award, I am sure you will use this opportunity to boot strap yourself into a new strata of artistic and economic success. In fact I predict with your new found fame and glory you will set sail on a whirl wind tour of the globe searching out and hugging all Andrew’s worthy of the honor.

    Or alternatively Robin will get toasty and give you a hug, exclaiming “Good JOB!”

    I contemplated the three exclamation points so common in my generation, but decided Robin would most likely stick with one. I reserve the right to ammend this point if future inclinations move me in that direction.

  2. Andrew,
    Whoa on the fame and glory, although I do like that hug/tour idea. 😀
    Never mind about the few comments on this post. It’s hard to squeek and bounce around all the time, not everyone has your flair for pats on the back!

    Aaron, thanks for trying 😉

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