Lucky Pig

Announcing Lucky Pig, the next new exciting event in my calendar.
Myself and three suspiciously insane ladies have decided to pool our creative juices to become Team Lucky Pig.

Team Lucky Pig is:
Violet Cooper “the tree-stump girl”, rescued from a life living in a hollow tree stump to become one of the wittiest painting and multimedia artists this side of the black swamp;
Marie Littlewood “brrrp”, the brains behind fascinating ‘pants’;
Jeni Lee aka “the changeling”, makes a foray into a land of dressing up and telling tales;
and myself, Aurelia “otaku” Carbone, still confused about where imagination ends and the real world begins.

The first Lucky Pig event will be held at FAD, 30 Waymouth Street, Adelaide (that’s in Australia for all yon readers from foreign lands) on Friday the 9th of September from 6pm onwards. Evidence of our dalliance will be on show until the 11th of October.

lucky piggie

Trot on down, we give good lucky.

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