“what the sh!t is a water prize?”

The remarkable Chusan, a monk of Kofukuji in Nara, was said by some to be supernatural. People believed he had actually been born from a stream.

Once Chusan and several companions set off in a time of terrible drought on a pilgrimage to the East. Even the springs which never failed had all gone dry, and many people were dying of thirst and starvation. People came from far off to get water from one spring in Omi province which still ran clear and sweet. When a woman on her way back from this spring, with a jar of water on her head, passed Chusan on the trail, he asked her for a drink.

“You’re a proper holy man,” she answered. “Why don’t you make a spring right here and get your drink yourself? I’ve carried this water a long way and I’ve a lot farther to go. I do’t see why you should have to beg any off me!”

“You’re right,” said Chusan, “I’ll do that.” He strode to a rock on the hillside, drew his sword, and struck off a chunk. Clear, cool water gushed out. The local people were amazed at their new spring.

Aurelia won the Splitrock Prize (AKA: the water prize) for her really great shew! Whee.

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