I’m pleased to report that Lucky Pig was a fabulous success. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people at an opening! The gallery upstairs at FAD was packed with people having a great time. The energy was really upbeat, and so were sales! I get immense warm fuzzies thinking about pictures of mine living in other people’s homes 😀 :bunny: I also managed to talk Violet into swapping a painting with me, so you’re reading the blog of the proud new owner of The Man Who Wasn’t There. I’ll post a picture of it asap.

4 thoughts on “Pigginess

  1. Naw, it is a great post.
    I posted the wrong smilie!

    There is a big difference between a tongue-poking smilie and a raspberry-blowing smilie. I wanted the former, but only have the latter in my collection.

    I really do mean thank you! It’s lovely to have your ongoing support with my art stuff, life stuff and with the website.


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