Mondsay AM 1st-thing

First day of my confectioner’s traineeship – I helped make a ton of milk chocolate today! @_@ All the other traineeship kids spent the day on the lines, boxing candy.

I can’t decide which was more interesting; shoveling the chocolate from the mixer to the squisher (try to keep up with the technical speakie, ok?) or fighting an oompa-loompa to the death in order to aquire his position (+ his shovel).

Anyway. I am bushed. Up early tomorrow to start all over again. . . :nekopan:

2 thoughts on “Mondsay AM 1st-thing

  1. Yeps. They’re even shorter in real life, it almost wasn’t a fair fight. . . soon I will be ultrabuff from hefting 25 kilo bags all day. Going to ride my bike in tomorrow ^_^

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