your place or mine?

your place or mine?


I feel mean bumping choco-bri’s post, but…

My latest creation is suffering from lack of a clever title. Anyone care to lend a hand? Boo has suggested don’t knock it until you try it which sort of gets across the idea that they are both apprehensive about venturing into unfamiliar surroundings, but it’s too glib. I think your place or mine? is a bit better, but it’s also kinda smutty and that’s not what I’m going for at all.
Darn this being considerate of bandwidth, the manga-style sweat drop on Our Hero’s head looks like a blue blob at this resolution. 😡 If you have a whoppingly fast internet connection you can see it in greater detail by clicking on the picture.
This image is my biggest yet – almost 1 meter (or three feet) in length, and I owe a big thank you to Mr. Mark Kimber for helping me with a lot of the technical mumbo-jumbo. Also, props to my Uncle Steven for the electrical wiring diagrams. Ta ‘nunks.

4 thoughts on “your place or mine?

  1. Wow, there’s so much to see there. Brian was right – it’s special! It’s one of those interpretive pieces that leaves so much to the imagination. It could mean something different to everybody, because it contains so much random detail. Much like an inkblot. Some art like that bothers me because I want it to do or say something directly. Some art like that inspires the imagination. This one is the latter, for me. It works!

  2. This image is crazy, ‘Relia.

    I can’t decide though if I like it based on it’s merits or because the idea of you sitting in the garage or studio or what-have-you tinkering on it seems so fanciful to me. I have some sort of image cross of Santa’s workshop with the little elves, and monster garage with tattooed gangsters hanging from the roof welding.

    Maybe Monster Garage hasn’t crossed the pond?

    It’s funny the statements about ambiguity. I normally find ambiguity in work to be somewhat of a cop out, or lack of purpose or some such. That said, I don’t feel like this image is ambigous to me. Of course I could have an entirely different clear take on the narative this story is working to convey, but it does feel like a clear narative to me.

    The title is good, as it helped me get to that narative, though at the same time it does seem to bring up some fratesque mental images that I don’t think are elsewhere in the work.


  3. W00t!

    I am told that “ambiguous narratives” are what’s movin’ and shakin’ in the world of contemporary photography at the mo’. Of course, I’d still be mad professor/ tattoo’d gangsta – ing in my studio even if it wasn’t… but it’s a nice thought.

    Cheers for the positive feedback r_e and Andrew. I’m entirely chuffed that you both share your opinions with lil ol’ me. It’s really helpful.

  4. I love this one best! Red hair and the big bear. You both have the look of, “Well, here’s another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

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