Tanty Time

Everybody’s panty be bunched or what! 😡
Ok. tantytime done.

Hot this afternoon so after I bike home from CHOCOWORLD
is leap-in-ocean effect. ahh. + again. ahh.
Then LIGHTNING STORM ATTACK so rush inside.
but brief. + sun again. ahh.

Had ladybug ES-PLOSION!

Now for all to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Tanty Time

  1. I remember now. Yesterday they were testing out a pneumatic pump to move cocoa mass from the mill to the melangeur with less effort – normally it goes through the mill into a cauldron that is wheeled + poured into the melangeur to be mixed with sugar, etc – the idea seemed to be that we wouldn’t need to wheel it around anymore.

    Well, it wasn’t going so well. Cocoamass is mad thick goo, so it was just sort of oozing out of the pump, while 2 VIP Confectioners, our Quality Control guy, the Foreign Consultant + the two Tradies stand by.

    Watching it ooze.

    Slowly. . . (meanwhile Mark + I are trying to keep busy, waiting to put through the next batch of HDV – Haigh’s Dark :ninja: )

    Eventually the Pump Committee get restless + decide to tinker. They get the pump higher up, they move the mass closer. . . at this point they’ve got the pump on the melangeur, the still-nearly-full cauldron of goo beside it. . .then they pull the tube from the pump dripping goo, meaning the pump has a lot less resistance – there is a loud POP + they’ve fired a cocoa mortar all over the Melangeur, the Refiner, + Mark 😀

  2. *stamps foot*

    Looking for work is a pain. On Thursday I foud out that I’d won a fantastic IT job, but that the company had decided not to go ahead with the position, so there was no job after all. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m starting to see a pattern…

  3. I found this wonderful job subbing when I began as a VOLUNTEER. I’m going to use this ploy from now on whenever I am bored. Seems when you volunteer, you not only help and learn, but people always seem to find something they are willing to pay you to do…

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