2 more sleeps!

Or 1, if I stay up much longer O_o

Still a few things to wrap, but I think the deal is sealed at this point. Markets were CRAZY, naturally, as were Aurelia, James + I for going into town. I managed to not get tanked (as in, rolled over by + under the treads of) the Unsane Grandma Posse. Oh sure, laugh. . . until you cop granny’s elbow in your eye over a mere grapefruit! We managed to stock up anyhow, + I cashed in all my good karma for a serious grip of coolfun lastminutes. So bugger off, Spirits of Christmas Spookery ;_;

We got the tasties, the thoughtfulnesses, the faces, + the loves. Now it is just a matter of waitin’ for the Santa-man to get his groove on!

Well. . . I think there might be a last-possible-second flight to the supermarket tomorrow (or “today” if you will) for ultraperishables (+ someone’s “cheesecake agenda”), but otherwise. . .

Happy Holidays +
big loves from Down Under!

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