Critical weekend before Operation:December Madness kicks in.

*familiar, mindless ceiling scraping*

Even though it’s obviously the BLUEROOM. . . they want to paint it green! :no:
Well. Back to it. . .

11 thoughts on “HUSTLE PEOPLE HUSTLE

  1. Sanity prevails! We’ve selected “Tern Grey” which is a lovely dusty blue that turns silver at dusk + then to a mild sea-green at night. From this wedge of spite we will gain leverage over the entire house’s colour scheme! WHA AHA HAH AH AH AH *ahem* Terns are birdies who live in the bay.

    Gorgeous day. Girls + Soot took me swimming, now is lunch + then, PAINTING !_!

  2. Painting isn’t my favourite activity but with you I think it’d be fun. You seem to make everything a little more interesting. You’d be one of my favourite people from the Called to meet. 🙂 Enjoy the evening!

  3. Thanks, Daron! It’s funny, but I think painting rooms has helped my painting art + vice-versa. . . I definitely want to busy out the colour + shape after 20+ hours of Old Ivory @_@

    Home from the Factory, the girls are hard at it still. Above vigilant Soot, you can sort of see the ceiling ivory is up, with a false picture-rail effect. We’re nearly pros now, so we’ve begun experimenting, you see.

  4. “leaving on a jet plane”

    you kidz is doing way too much work for little ol me! maybe you should make me do some of it when I get there!

    but I appriciate it much! hopefully I’ll remember to enjoy the sauce.

    see you beautifull peeps on wednesday.

  5. The transformation is almost complete!

    A few pieces of art on the wall is all that’s missing. I pick up Jamie from the airport in an hour or so. 🙂

    BTW, you should see Delana’s new bathroom! 0_0

  6. B1!! How are we?! How are YOU!
    I am shoveling chocolate by the ton for Haigh’s Australia – it’s a living. Our good buddy James has arrived safely + promptly sunburnt his noggin. . . then we went swimming. Summer is coming on, the usual nonsense.
    Are you still rocking out? Fill us in, man!

  7. I’m good. I’m working a company called ezboard, we’re currently releasing a new product, which should be out soon. It’s like community blogging, blogging done easy for the less than technically advanced. It should hopefully do well.

    Nathan and I are still trying to rock hard with the Eskimos. Conor and Sean split to a band called Vitamin Party, which is playing shows now. We’re all still cool, just wanted different directions for music and decided to take them. I’m actually going to hang out with them at La Pinada tonight, I’ll tell them about this website.

    I live on Haight and Ashbury now. Literrally on the corner. Funny huh?

    I see you guys are using wordpress. I also abuse wordpress on my blog :

    stop by some time!

  8. Mmm, La Piñada. . . you just can’t get decent Mexican here, it is shameful 8(

    Your ‘new’ site makes me laugh! You always been one crazy bugger, good to know you’re still keeping it real.

  9. George is one of my uncles. up until I had to do a search on the net I had no idea he was mayor. its very odd, he has always been the quietest of all the kids. not to mention he used to really piss me off when I was a kid when he would always say to me “hey Jim” the most easy way to get on my bad side! but for the most part he is a good guy…I just never saw it in him to lead. nifty you pointed it out cause I got to see that a norwiegan ambassador went to chill in the ol village cause a man long ago went to chill with my grandpa from there. “Ingstad”‘s book on my peeps was very enjoyable to read to say the least…gotta stop rambling cause the kids say its time to go out and play!

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