Southbound Pachyderm

It’s taken an almighty long time in the coming, but Boo + I are moving into our very own place next weekend. We’ve found a cozy underloved apartment with amazing views of the ocean and more than enough room (we hope) for all our creative projects. It’s a short walk down the cliff through a native reserve teeming with birds and butterflies to get to the beach. Sounds too good to be true…
It’s exciting! It’s been so long since we had our own place I wonder if I’ll know what to do with myself at first? Certainly the idea of no Sootybeast to greet us when we get home is a bit unwholesome, but he has promised to visit often 🙂

I feel very :ahoy: :bunny: :duck: But also :hmm:

I’m a Monkey! Chekka dis! (Aw yeah, Huh)” will most certainly be going back into the livingroom.

5 thoughts on “Southbound Pachyderm

  1. Congratulations guys! It sounds like a fine place indeed.

    Just let me know if you’d like an extra pair of hands to help with the moving.

  2. what the shit mark? you didn’t offer to help me out with my move!

    congrats on the move none-the-less kidz! oddly enough, as weird as it sounds, I actually would really like to help with your moving shit (I’d be there!) but sadly, I’m stuck in the grey and rain. *sigh*

    so instead I think I will enjoy some cini-roll shiznit my roomie made!

  3. Mark – I do believe I’ll take you up on that offer of help. Thank you!

    James – you punk! If you were here on moving day I bet it would go something like Reef Oil, sand, buns and buns!

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