Aurelia found us a delightful little takeaway thai place next to the ONLY movie shoppe with a copy of MIRRORMASK. Shoppe is ordering a couple copies of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for great justice, thai made us a mean chili basil tofu 🙂

Robyn’s best chum Celia totally hooked up the lounge room with COMFY COUCH + CHAIRS @_@! We are so very thankful. . . ‘relia sez “Looks like old people live here.” prolly ‘cos of the floral motif, but I love our Nana Decor, so 😛

Waxing Gibbous doing its dance for our benefit @ the moonwatch spot tonight – we tore down a bottle of Boxing Glove Grenache + did a good bit of brainstorming re:futurearts. . . sooo good.

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