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  1. so does that make you more like the Hatori Hanzo of chocolate and no longer grasshopper? or somewhere in the middle? and where are my free samples?

  2. yeah, where are the samples!!?? I’m still awaiting a chocolate version of me and richard, must be hard to get the curly hair right, huh… yeah, that’s what it is…

    sleepy now with spearminty nougat running through my head and what that must taste like…mmmm…

    hey guess what christine and I are doing on Monday night? Going to meet Mike Rann at Australia House and drink Coopers and eat Vilis, some kind of “reception” for South Australians. Whatever, just gimme the beer! YEAH!

  3. Samples. . . I CUT YOU

    (actually, blame ‘relia – she eats them before they can be posted)

    Am I seeing some kind of correlation between the brevity of blogery + quality of comment? Hm. . .

  4. No, quite the opposite actually. It’s been 100 years since we had comments, then I post fluff, + BAM! Words + stuff.

    I made a ‘traditional’ nougat today; vanilla, almonds + cherries. Schweet, mate!

  5. num num.

    comments = nice to hear from you guys!! even if it is fluff and nougat.

    hey, you might like the wedding we went to a few weeks ago. They had a white chocolate covered wedding cake with Rodin’s The Kiss sculptured in white chocolate on the top. V impressive.
    Will send pic. Plus the bride wore leopard skin.

    Almost on par with the Elvis chapel…

  6. I’d post more comments if Relia would stop being so mean and bringing up dolphins that I never got to swim with that she promised! and if my brain wasn’t set to static…but we’ll blame that on my work…so yeah, its Relia’s and my works fault. my mouth is still missing out on some spearmint nougat…come choco-cherry would be aight too!

    and try posting more…yeah I know I’m gready! you’ve both always known this, I’ve always known it…get over it…post!

  7. The spearmint nougat has nothing on the honey nougat. Brian brought home a pocket-full yesterday and I gutsed it all in one sitting! Muwahahahaha! Take that Mr. Greedy Pants!

    Karen – Isn’t “The Bride Wore Leopard Skin” the title of one of those hot-and-heavy Mills & Boon style books? You better send pictures, I think I need to see that.

  8. I don’t make judgement upon the quality of this commentary but the pictures in my head while reading it are like an odd dream… the bride in a crazy outfit, stuffing herself full of pockets of nugat on a beach with frolicking dolphins. Guess you should post fluff a little more often Bri. It does seem to yield results. (Or maybe that’s just all in MY head).

  9. Karen – Bad news about that chocolate version of you and Richard.

    The protype mold was tested today, + apparently it would cost about AU$40m in milk chocolate to coat just your hair. . . (we don’t even make dark choco in large enough batches to make 1 O_O )
    The Chief gave me some dark-covered raisins to send you instead, but Aurelia ate them :/

  10. so could I get a miniture version of myself? like maybe 1/16 my size? (don’t ask why I want to eat myself, and no jokes either) I would like to have some tasty flavors and if you could somehow by-pass relias master shipping skills as they are inter-twined with her master eating of the tasty goods skills.
    smuggle some buns too!

  11. Well Well, You are right Bri chocolate makes us chatty. something akin to the barber chair effect. (or is it affect) ? Effect-to bring about–so affect has to be ——–oh poo I don’t know.

    Our congress has run out of things to do and they are trying to mar the constitution by outlawing gay marriages. What a bunch of yo yos. I am afraid that no amount of chocolate will mollify me on this one.

  12. Damn, that ninja keeps stealing the chocolate!

    How do we stop her!

    Bri – you will have to lock her down, curfew, no after hours snacking, I’m thinking some kind of Mission Impossible safe like scenario with voice recognition and retina scanning to keep her out…

    Maybe I’m going to far.

    Too bad about the costly price of coating the hair, I thought as much. Would it be easier if I shaved Richard’s head in the night!?

    Again, maybe I’m going too far… Plus I probably wouldn’t recognise him.

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