Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

It must be the Grand Conjunction or somesuch for those of us living in this corner of the universe – we are having a big shake up and change places. Looming largest on the list is that the Beachhouse is up for auction in a mere 4 weeks. My feelings aren’t resolved on that matter so I’ll leave that subject alone except to say that mum has found a *lovely* new place that she hopes to call home. Next (for me) is that I’ve been seleted as one of the emerging artists to be included in a curated exhibition at the CACSA in November. 😎 School is back. I have lots of smart people taking my classes. It makes me want to do a booty-shaking happy dance. My job is so fun! I suspect Boo is also having fun at work as I have met many of his workpeeps and they are such a lovely group of funny people. Word on the street is that Boo can make any recipie on Haigh’s list, first time, perfectly. I hope I didn’t just jinx his fortune. :ninja: The elusive Tristan came to visit, and, wait for it, DELANA FOUND BEN!! Craziest of all, it seems that Delana, Brian, Mustafa and I are going to get a big house together. If you’d told me that six months ago I would have asked what you were smoking.

Apologies to everyone I owe emails to. I am behind in my correspondence. :guiltylook:

3 thoughts on “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

  1. oh holy moly! Selling the beach house???!!!!!

    Unbelieveable and somewhat sad news, sorry to see that place go, it’s just so awesome!

    Glad I got to sit on the comfy lounges and drink some drinks in the sun this summer with you guys before the big move.

    Hope all goes well with your movin’ into other digs with da sister and the chunky black carpet you call your dog… awww… i miss that face and that toe tapping when he get angry. hehe.

  2. Wow,
    The beach-house is up for auction in 4 weeks,
    that truly is sad, say condolences to the mother.
    Another era gone. Let the new begin.

    Congratulations on the CACSA emerging artist,
    I must admit—a little professional jealousy.
    Love the work by the way.

    Yes, we have found each—other.
    This is a time for great celebration.
    Love to all Australia from the land of the
    fu*#ed up Mr. Bush, Oil, and Capitalism.
    I hope they don’t track me down for saying that.

  3. Dearest Karen and Ben, two great tastes that taste great together! I think it’s cool how all us lil Adelaideians wind up in far-flung places. Soon we will be able to take over the world!

    Yeah, I’m really sad about the Beachouse being sold too. I mean, really sad, but Mum feels she will be happier in a new place so who can argue? The auction is next weekend and I plan to be far away so when the guy with the hammer says SOLD I won’t have a major tanty and embarrass all heck out of myself. I hope whomever moves in loves that place as much as I do, and I hope they have lots of happy little babies to fill up all the rooms with laughing and giggling… and tantypants.

    It looks like *hope hope* we have found a really nice place to call home too. I know it’s premature to speak of such things when we haven’t singned any papers, but there’s a cute little redbrick house in Seacliff with full Tardis Effect (looks like a cottage on the outside but is massive on the inside) and a sunny back yard with a veggie patch and woo boy are we all excited to live there. It has pink bathtub!

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