Yup. In 60 days Number 15 Cambridge Terrace Brighton SA will belong to a new family. They sound like nice folks, and to my immense relief the house doesn’t have a date with a bulldozer. *whew* Mum is set to move into her sweet little pad in Marino, and us Three Muskateers + Beast signed the lease for our own house in Seacliff. I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about that as time goes on…

4 thoughts on “SOLD

  1. awwwwwwww….. *big wail from London*

    Glad to hear the house won’t be rubble anytime soon and hopefully all your new houses will spell new good times… Goodluck with the tardis house, sending out good vibes and best wishes to you all over there! Hope the beast copes with the move!

    We just got back from a crazy festival in a wood in Norfolk, with a yurt-like tent, outhouse doubling as stage for various bands, nettle soup, bracken, seaside, kids and dogs running around like mad things… actually, we were running around like mad things too… pretty fun… photos to be posted soon.

  2. Just terribly frustrated doncha know… my little map shows Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, goes as far down as Port Macdonnell, up as far as the Murray River, and over to Pinnaroo. Having never ever even seen anything but photos of thebeach house, well, I feel I truly missed something. It’s even worse now that i can’t find Marino or Seacliff. I would like some detailed Australian maps for Christmas! You know, ‘X’ marks the spot?

  3. Oh ‘relia,
    Big bitter/sweet capitalist cry from the ol’ USA
    So sad. I had some great memories that were
    made in that house. Was the door to the secret
    room still decorated with my drawings?
    Doubt it but good memories!!! Sarah down the
    road, the old nursing home, the waves, the
    smells, the dinners, the lack of any good dairy
    products-I digress….

    So happy ya’ll,
    to see that you guys are moving into a new pad.
    Does your “seacliff tardis” come with (the new
    2006 Dr. Who-“very sexy” if so, you guys are
    luckier than I thought) Big chuckles.
    Tell little sis to git writing to me. And I would
    love to see some more of your art.
    As far as over here: Gas up, Bush down, War,
    War and more War, oh and Project Runway.

    Big luv ya’ll,
    Big Ben (caus London was always me first luv)

  4. Oh yes, Ben. . . the medusa is still holding back whatever lives in the roof @_@’

    Momma, Marino et al are just suburbs, so an Adelaide city map would do ye fine, I reckon.

    We are moving in a week, yay. Last day of one of the driest winters evah, + now it’s time to eat some sun 8)

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