5 thoughts on “scarecrow answering service

  1. …Sooty is in tantypants mode so we took him for a late night wander down to our favourite piece of public sculpture. This is only a little bit of it. There’s also two boat shaped bits – one like an overturned boat, the other describing the shape of a wooden boat – both are brilliant to watch the stars/moon/bats/sunset from.

  2. Karen told me there was a funny photo of your dog on here, and the girl dun told the troof!

    I like your blogthing.. it reminds of all the good naturebits I like about home.. *aw*

    James and I are coming to visit in the middle of November until December the 8th (or so) so I would like very much to see you(se)..

    I’m going to go now, as I’ve gone all shy


  3. Chris, I sent you a grip of chocolate frogs long ago, but they recently came back FROGEE HAS MOVED ON 🙁
    + rahtha melty. Not to worry, ‘relia put them out of their misery 😮

    through the apple tree
    This is our humble backyard, as seen through the apple tree. Trampoline is out of frame to the right, veggie patch to the left.

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