Bubble Time

Morphology appointment with the radiologist’s in Glenelg was today,
yay baby pictures!

12/1 left profile

12/1 head profile

12/1 3/4 face profile

I’m on the Felix bandwagon at the moment, he looks like a Felix, doncha think? 😀
The radiologist agreed with the due date of June 17th, but given what an over-achiever Ms. Carbone is, feel free to place your bet early ~_^

10 thoughts on “Bubble Time

  1. :bunny: Yeah, we are going to have a little man. He was doing acrobatics during the ultrasound, then suddenly fell asleep!

    :nekopan: :bunny: :nekopan: :bunny: :nekopan:

  2. Wow! Are these life size? What clear shots! How great that you are able to tell how perfect this little guy is! Seems no matter how many babies are born into this world, the entire process remains wonderous. I am awestruck!

  3. I thought we’d decided on “Grandma Sourdough” 😉

    No idea what the scale is here, but yeah, the radiologist was having a lot of fun too. I love the skull cross-section in the face shot – creepy as! 😛

  4. Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox and myself have discussed* this issue, and hereby invite your lovely fellow there to be born on the awesomest of all days, June 9th.

    Pros: Gemini! The boy will see all sides to every issue! Most contemplative people around! Winter birthdays!- knit stuff 4 ever! Public holiday for the Queen’s birthday occurs at the same time every few years, so free day off!

    Cons: Gemini! Incapable of making decisions! Winter birthdays! No pool parties 4 U. Public holiday for the Queen’s birthday occurs at the same time every year, so nobody comes to the party!

    That 3rd photo is amazing – you can see his facial features! Thank you for showing them..

    x o

    *discussed, maybe

  5. Congrats! I didn’t know you were expecting! I vote for June 7 (your cousin Daniel’s b-day) or June 6 (your cousin Matthew’s b-day).
    Whatever the b-day, we know he’ll be loved.

    Please keep us informed.
    Is Wonderful Aunt Dawn going to be Wonderful Grandma?

  6. That skull cross section shot was just for the Dad who reads him Stephen King. Must be an indirect result of me having read so much of him when I was pregnant with you…

  7. *Heh*
    I just figured out that when I wrote Petals our baby wasn’t missing at all. He was right where he is now. 😀

    James – What makes you think you’ll escape domination? I have some news for you, Godfaddah.

    Christine – you write all my favourite comments. Say Hi to Johnny for me when you see him next.

    Carol – I’ll call my son Toot if you’ll let him call you G-ma Crazy Pants.

    Wendy – This post was Brian’s way of announcing that we are expecting. You’re one of the first people to find out! This is how we keep everyone informed. I’m glad you found our weblog – perhaps we will be hearing more from you?

    Dawn aka ‘U.S. Gramma’ aka ‘Wonderful Grandma’ – There will be no more in utero Stephen King. The baby may love it, but it scares me to bits.

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