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Brian and I are taking some giant leaps in the Grown Up department at the moment. Following the revelation that we are soon to be “Parental Units” as January would say, my dear Mum has made it clear that it would really be a good idea to get ourselves a Mortgage while we are at it. She’s right, of course – even my Dad agrees; and the US Gramma (aka Dawn) has performed a Happy Dance at the idea.

We are looking for something in need of considerable TLC, but with “good bones”, as Mum would say.

Here’s where you come in. I want you all to visualise – with as much clarity and conviction as possible – a cosy guest bedroom in a little house by the beach where you will stay when you come and visit us. Will you do that for me?

6 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. I envisioned a guest house!

    hehe j/k, I’m thinking as long as their is a bed, I’ll take it however I can!

    do you have a spot picked out already?

  2. Well, sure. There’s a cottage on Dunluce Avenue (one of the streets that runs down to the beach) that I’ve been in love with since I was a little girl. When I was four I was playing at my friend Peter’s house – he lived next door to the cottage – and the lady of the house invited us over for sandwitches. We sat in her conservatory and passed a most delightful afternoon. The cottage is for sale at the moment, only it’s out of our price range to the power of three because you see, even though it’s a magical little cottage (with a guest loft above the workshop, I might add) it’s on a big enough piece of land to put three new townhouses…

  3. Already dreaming of a weekend by the sea, looking for dolphins, swimming with large black dogs and hopefully supping some pale ales with some lovely mates and their little boy.
    Miss you guys, can’t wait to see you! May be able to help you guys on advice for buying and having a “doer-upper”, we’re in the middle of settling on a flat of our own! Will send you the photos, a bit of creative flair is definitely needed.
    talk soon lovelies.

  4. A guest bedroom— should have at least a shower and a toilet and a sink.
    Sounds mighty but you will be so glad when they can be secluded.
    Good bones yes, Fixer upper be careful.

  5. At this rate, y’all gonna be sleeping in a BOX in the YARD. . .

    Next to me + the bubs ;_;

    What yard, you ask? The TRAIN YARD dancing bear of MEH

    . . . real estate market here, right now, is quite bleh.

  6. The San Diego clan will take whatever you offer. We’ve been known to bring our own airmattress! Wait until you find something that says ‘home’. If you can envision your belongings in the house and see yourself living there for a long time, you know it’s the one for you. Listen to me-I haven’t owned a house since 1985 due to all the transfers we’ve made.
    Good luck on the house search.

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