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  1. Brian…brian…bri-bri…you lipstick wearin tart! I realize that us April babies need to stick together but, I don’t condone such actions as getting sloggered on your birthday and slurring your typing all over the intarweb! Tighten up thar meester man….or I shall come upon your place bearing gifts.

    Oh the non-sensory of it all…cocoa lovers unity in a ring of dark chocolate covered pretzely goodness! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Ok, a bit more brainpower for this today – I just wanted to hold the spot (no good cheating, editing the time stamp ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Tuesday night, Family + Tristan took me to a schmancy restaurant downtown called Sarah’s. They got a wild concept – you tell them how much food you’re in the mood for, + then you get what they bring you O_O We did the five-course feast; lentil soup to die for, Vietnamese omelette (rather crepe-y = Yum), salad with what must have been stewed tomatoes, very sweet, eggplant moussaka – just incredible, that one. Desert of angel’s + devil’s food cakes with strawberries. Lovely. Wonder what’ll be served next time?

    Scored a rhinocerous + the collected adventures of Sherlock Holmes ๐Ÿ˜€ as well as my very own set of wine glasses; I am all growed up now :nekopan:

    Workmates rang me up on the Day + said “to the Seacliff!” – our just-around-the-corner beachside dive of choice. It was a warm day yesterday, + as I share my birthday with an Australian National Holiday – ANZAC Day – everyone’s down at the pub. Thanks to Mark + Liam for keeping the pints + Jรƒยคgerbombs coming :cheers:

    Yes, I did make it to work today :ahoy: Many were the offers to help with the move, too. . .

    Yes! We scored a rental house back in Brighton (that’s Bri-Town to the initiated). Moving in not this weekend (which is the baby shower @ Robyn’s, did you RSVP?) but next, + I am so excited. Been putting off setting up the nursery ‘cos we were strongly feeling the it-won’t-be-in-this-joint vibe, lo + behold, we’re off, landing right in the middle of all our favourite beach hangouts.

    It has been pouring rain all day, which is so good + even more needed. There’s talk of closing shop on a lot of the agricultural farming along the Murray/Darling river valley, just to be able to maintain drinking water for the citiefolk. Rather scary, actually – I don’t want to be paying Alaska prices for fruit :wtf:

    All in all, feeling pretty solid about this 3-0 happening – looks to be a great year 8)

  3. I refuse to comment on this mockery of life! Well, not really, but that’s what came to mind.

    Big fan of the jagerbombs. Going to have a HEAP of them at the cabin in 2 weekends. It’s been a tradition for 3 years now. And this time there’ll be 9 guys there – 6 was the previous record. Gonna be some sleeping in the same bed I think… :-X

    Well again, happy birthday and pat the bubble for me!

  4. happy birthday brian!
    glad to hear everythings working out for you guys with the house and all. we’ll be over sometime to visit, fuck knows when but we’ll drop by.
    take it easy,
    kieran & luci

  5. Happy Birthday Yen

    It sounds like you had a great couple days in celebration, wish I was there with you. I don’t know about Jag bombs, but I guess the seacliff was reluctant (…) to serve up the car bombs so maybe Jag is the way to go…

    Tastes of cough syrup though.

  6. I warned everybody ’bout the Seacliff, preparing them for whatever tragedy awaited us via the car bomb story (quick version for webbe:
    Andrew 8) – couple of Irish car bombs, yo.
    Barkeep ๐Ÿ˜• – Yeh wot?
    8) – Half pint Guiness, split shot Jameson + Baileys.
    ๐Ÿ˜ก – We don’t do that here
    . . . although, they will do them now, assuming their Guiness tap is working, which it hasn’t been :yar: )

    Thanks for the happies, kids.
    -4 to WIS

    I won’t be forgetting this birthday anytime soon, despite the miracle of over-the- counter opiate- derived pharmaceuticals @_@

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