I saw a six-day-old baby yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so new! It made me want my baby RIGHT NOW. I know it’s hard to believe he will be here in about two months – especially for those of you who haven’t even seen the bump up close and personal, so I thought a little preggers update might be timely.

Last week I finally hit the point where *nothing* I own was going to get around this belly, so Brian took me maternity shopping. I was led to believe that you can only buy ugly maternity things, but we found some really cool stuff including what I refer to as my “bee dress”. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having something decent to put on in the morning. Us crazy hormonal pregnant ladies can fly off at just about anything… expanding bumpOf course, nothing covers up the fact that my belly button, which I remember being so proud of as a little girl because it was such an innie innie, is now the most outtie outtie ever. It looks like a big Push Me button. Perhaps to begin the baby evacuation process? I am not exaggerating. On Tuesday I walked into a full classroom and was greeted by a very loud “HA! LOOK AT YOUR BELLYBUTTON” which was tucked under three layers of clothes. I’m not even going to tell you about Porn Star Boobs and Maternity (read: Grandma) bras.

The Nursery is slowly coming together. We now have a safe place for the little one to sleep, and a change of sheets. My (not biologically but metaphysically) Auntie Celia has been scouring the grarage sales each weekend for pre-loved baby furniture, she has scored a highchair and change table at bargain prices. The drawer of wee clothes grows as I wander through department stores and find that if I try to put certain items back on the rack I start to cry. Still need to tackle the nappy issue. Brian and I are making a mobile of the solar system. I have knit a small pile of little things, but keep giving them away to other babies!

The biggest hurdle in the nursery saga is a house to have one in. I’d like to move before the baby arrives, but the rental market is dry and the real estate market is fierce. We have been outbid on several occasions by more than $20 000! Keep on thinking those happy house thoughts for us, won’t you?

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the “virtual baby shower” being thrown by Grandma Dawn. I know I have 🙂 James – you can have my share of the Ribs. It’s nice to just sit here and be treated like a princess!

I am feeling very well indeed, thanks for asking! I still go to gym once a week and yoga once a week which I think is the reason I’m not achy or sleepless. I am ferociously hungry a lot, and I do like a nice nap – but no bloating, puking or other “side effects”. Not yet, anyway. On the flip side I have almost no brain left to speak of. It was very alarming at first, but I’ve reminded myself of the advice Brian gave me when I first began to notice changes: “Accept it gracefully or I’ll brutalise you!!” Then I remember to have a sense of humour about it all.

Lots of big tummy love to all of you!

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  1. Now now, you should be careful about the ‘Grandma bra’ comments. If I wasn’t getting so excited about the reality of BEING one, I might take umbrage.

    A well placed square of duct tape will give your navel the support and coverage it needs. (You know how we Alaskans love our duct tape…) and it will prevent further blow-outs!

  2. Hehe, you gotta belly!! Just to let you know my sister had her baby 2 weeks ago, a little boy, William Samuel. All went well, they’re now getting slammed on sleep! Well it’s to be expected I guess…. Hope the baby shower goes well next weekend, getting stuff together for you here for the winter baby. So exciting, hope the househunting perks up for you!

  3. *cough*
    Isn’t umbrage an exceptional word. Looks good written down and is fun to say out loud. 😎

    Karen – your Mum called on the weekend to spread the good news about Vanessa, Malcolm + wee William. I have been too lazy to go to the post office with my little handknit. All these babies – it’s very exciting! Big Congratulations on your New London Pad, too! 😀

  4. Hey you guys congrats. How’s miss D?
    Yeah wesa buying houses too. I wish all of you the most bestus luck on this new journey.

    Lotsa Love Always.

    BIG Ben in ,IN.

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