Bubble Shower

Snacky peeps!Robyn graciously hosted our bubble shower last weekend! So while a deluge of much-needed rain pounded down outside, we all stayed warm + dry inside, gutsing ourselves on LU Petit Écolier biscuits, Reya-made white chocolate cupcakes + mimosas.

I wanted to have everyone play Werewolf, but this was deemed inappropriate, so we took my mom’s suggestion of Sniff the Nappy (popular candy bars are microwaved in numbered diapers, then passed around for people to guess the contents). That was good for loosening people up, obviously we’re crazy. Then followed several rounds of cotton ball scooping – the aim is to get as many cotton balls from one bowl to another in one minute, using a wooden spoon while blindfolded. There is a secret technique used by the masters, not to be revealed here. . . this had everyone shouting + laughing. Intense competition!

Loot! Then there was much yelling for presents, + so we delved into the pile of goodies that had accumulated. We are going to have one snazzy dressed bubble! Tabasco stripe adventures await us. . . that’s our buddy Marie sitting beside us, + yes, there is a microwave on the table. Bring on the Goblin King, we have a score of cloth nappies!

After prezzies we adjourned downstairs for lil’pizzas + cucumber sandwiches, coffee + tea. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, + it was really quite wonderful to have so many people around, all so excited for our little guy. Thank you to everyone who has sent us hugs, we wish you all could have been there – Aurelia keeps lamenting that so many of her girlfriends are flung to the far corners of the earth. . . although, that just means we’ll have a well-traveled bubs 😀

Thank you Take-Away

2 thoughts on “Bubble Shower

  1. It really was a very fun and silly afternoon, and I just can’t say Thank You!! enough to everyone who has sent their thoughtful baby help our way.

    Bri- That’s a *very* unflattering photo of both of us. We look like cupcake thugs. Good thing Marie is so photogenic! Bu check out all that loot! W00t!

    PS. Isn’t Mum’s new pad swish!!

  2. This is definately an Adelaide moment. I’m just cruising the internet and I found myself here, and I know that house, I watched it being built! It was designed by Max Pritchard for my husband’s aunt and uncle. That spot at the top of the stairs was a favourite of their cat, Rilley, who likes to keep an eye on things.

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