We did it! All moved in and cosy in our Brighton bungalow, just in time for the rainy weather. This is the first time in years I’ve had a tin roof to listen to the rain fall on. It’s so soothing… Most of the boxes are unpacked and the baby’s room is ready for his arrival – two weeks to go!
9 months pregnant
As you can see I’m not “small” any more. In fact, it’s all a bit too uncomfortable. Two weeks ago I would have done just about anything to get it over with, but we’ve found some balance again and I’m happy to wait – which is lucky as I still have one more week of work! What was I thinking??!

I would like to know who taught my son shadow-kick? :ninja: You have a lot to answer for! :muh:

It’s *very* nice to be back in Brighton, just around the corner from our big old place on Cambridge Terrace. Much to Brian’s utter horror the new owners of #15 have cut down the NZ Christmas tree – you remember, the tree that used to get full of parrots? They will be in for one windy winter without its protection. Our new house seems to have its fair share of native birds too, they like to congregate in the flowering gums. We have spent some delicious sunny afternoons on the picnic blanket in the back yard watching them play.

Sooty became very ill recently and scared all of us into getting ready to say goodbye. He lost his sonic woot! Luckily for us he’s now recovering from his liver troubles and is putting some fat back on to his bony bum, although the wooting may never be the same – perhaps that’s a blessing…

Last week must have been “we love the baby” week as Brian and I were absolutely smothered with new baby excitement in the form of overloaded boxes from his fans in the USA; and special visits from my Zia Roma (that’s Aunty Roma – my Dad’s little sister) and Mrs. Roy (my grandma Verna’s best friend). Thank you so much Zia, Jamiesan, Mrs. Roy and The Bornsteins! :bunny: As Mum says, we are going to have The Best Dressed Baby. Of course there will be an abundance of photographic evidence as soon as the model arrives. 😀

Brian is occupied in the sun room – transforming it into our shared studio space. He has his paints out already, but if he wasn’t preoccupied I know he’d send his love…

6 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. Mon kapitan! Yeh, we were hating it for a while there, but winter rain showed up eventually. Of course, all the ‘WORST DROUGHT EVAH!! MUST THROW $$ TO SAVE WATER!!1″ talk went right out the window. . . anyway, we’re all hangin’ out to see the squib ’round here

    Kicked the shed in the ass this afternoon, as it is frustrating trying to dry clothes in intermittent showers >_< so now we got some shed line tech + workshoppe happenings to boot

  2. OH MY GOD! I love that you’re so belly big and STILL on a beach! YAY! Stay true to your roots baby, love it. Sending big belly love vibes to you both, miss you loads. Will send 100000 photos of our bomb site new flat soon, it seems to pale into insignificence… hey, let us know you’re new home phone number,
    Love Karen & Rich.xxxxxxx

  3. Ah, Yikes! That first photo, at first glance, looks like you’ve gone and joined a nunnery! Things look nice and green and the ocean looks fallish. So odd, as we head into the peak of summer here…

    Just a matter of any moment now. I try to be patient with all the people who ask if I am a gramma yet…

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