One Day, Two Day, Three Day Old

Orlando Luka Domroese joined the party at 7pm on the 19th of June!

Proud, brave Mummy Aurelia was 5 minutes down the road after her Acupuncture appointment, when POP! her waters broke. She got home just before lunch with swirlies in her eyes + we knew it was time. . .

All of our midwives were OUT @_@ but we rocked up at the hospital anyway. Everyone wanted to give us a wheelchair, but no, “we gonna walk this off!” I filled out the paperworks + went up lifts we had never used before and discovered that yes, the hospital is a maze. ‘relia nabbed a childrens’ ward nurse who led us past the Minotaur + the retinal scan to the safety of the Birthing Centre. There we were met by Phillys, part of our midwife team, whom we had not met before. She let us settle into our suite + then went about looking for proof of broken waters. She seemed a bit nervous. Aurelia continued to have contractions, I timed them, about 7 minutes apart. ‘relia was a bit intense O_O

Eventually Phillys seemed content that, yes, we were on our way to baby, + had gotten in contact with one of our regular midwifes, Bev, who had been on housecall. Aurelia put herself in the tub, while I was charged with making sure that didn’t slow the contractions. . . na, we added a new one in-between 😀 Around 4pm, Bev came in quiet as a mouse while ‘relia sang + Ohm’d her way through her contractions. I am on heavy footrubs + eyebrow smoothing patrol while the sun sets. Bev encourages Aurelia, seems like it’s happening so fast! Aurelia keeps her sense of humour through it all – “Too bad it’s not like champagne, eh?” + then a bit more singing, Bev is encouraging a big push, there’s a little head under the water! Then a long quiet moment as the next contraction builds, Bev says “Little push, now, little more. . .”

2 minutes old!

I cut the cord. “It’s a juicy one!” says Bev @_@ We’ve saved the placenta to plant under a new tree in Nanna Robyn’s garden.
Orlando is 8 pounds, 3 ounces + so soft!

so sleepy!

Today we had a bath ^_^

1st Baths!

+ then some more naps.

dadda + bubs

All in all, Aurelia’s labour lasted just 8 hours from POP! to BABY!, + ‘lando is perfect in every respect.
Thank you to everyone who sends their love – we are some happy campers! :sun:

14 thoughts on “One Day, Two Day, Three Day Old

    So cute, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well done Relia, you one tough mamma!
    Care package will be winging it’s way to you soon, love you guys! And big hugs to the new wee one.

    Love Karen & Rich

  2. Congratulations. You’re beautiful people with a gorgeous son. He looks just like his dad!

    I look forward to meeting him.

    Lots of love xo

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. Glad everyone’s healthy and happy. Orlando looks like strong li’l one!


  4. WOW, congrats again.

    I can’t believe how big he looks in the pictures, maybe its just all the hair. Either way he’s going to have a hard time keeping the ladys away.

    I call dibs on teaching him how to cook ribs sometime down the road 🙂

  5. More photos will be much appreciated and looked at. I’m afraid these four have already been burned into my computer screen!

  6. Congratulations!! doesn’t even say it!

    He is absolutely beautiful – right off the bat!!

    And that hair! A movie star for sure!

    We’re soooo happy for you!

  7. Holy Shit, I can’t believe he’s here!
    Curling fingers around your thumbs,
    peeing and frowning
    Where there was nothing, there is now an Orlando!

    I’m so happy for you guys, he’s a lucky baby
    x x x x o

  8. Well hallo Orlando, what a cutie!!! he is just soooo beautiful, Congratulations we are so happy for you and he is indeed a very lucky boy to born to two such loving and obviously blessed out parents.
    Mark and Deb and Dash.

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