Speakin’ tha Language

This being a parent thing is a *lot* harder than it looks. The subtleties… the misinformation!

Why is breastfeeding so mysterious? Anyway, yes I am, and so far it’s working out fine. The little guy is getting FAT. He put on 500g in 2 weeks! Our midwife Helen has dubbed him “The Pork Chop”. Do Not Eat! Do Not BBQ! You know how lots of old fairy tales feature witches that eat babies… well, I know why now. They smell so good and they get so juicy! Relax. We are vegaquarian, remember? (but oh boy I got the fear from that one scene in Pan’s Labrynth with the child-eating monster @_@)

I discovered that babies have a universal baby language. It is very useful once you can figure out the subtle difference between ‘neh’ and ‘eh’. Since decoding this phenomenon we have been able to reduce the amount of hysterics considerably – on our part and his. Yes indeed, the poor little guy takes after his Mummy in the tendency to be a Huge Drama Queen, and is every bit as stubborn as his Dadda.

Ok, I confess – yesterday I wanted to give him away. Then I got a good nights sleep + he behaved like an angel when my ol’ school chum Fiona came to visit, so today I think I’ll keep him. Sometimes the crying gets too much and I wonder how I’m going to survive… then he puts his arms around my neck (still crying) in some freak moment of coordination and I realise that one day not too far from now he will be bestowing hugs and kisses and I feel like I’m going to ESPLODE WITH HAPPINESS!!

Orlando @ 3am - criminal mastermind Also he is a criminal mastermind. This is his 3am face:

Guaranteed to make your heart melt, no matter how grumpy you might be.

4 thoughts on “Speakin’ tha Language

  1. Night is day-day is night—–
    when will baby get it right?
    Soon we hope–so you can sleep.
    Then your sanity you will keep.
    Of course a baby has to cry
    and you must marvel saying, “my oh my”
    Talking loud gets your attention.
    A survival ploy by a smart little boy.
    Later on when it’s too quiet
    You’ll know for sure he’s planning a riot.

  2. I remember the days of little or no sleep, they get older and you both sleep through the night. Then they become teen-agers, drive, have jobs and the ‘no sleep’ routine starts again because you forgot to give them a decent (before midnight) curfew!

    There’s nothing like the ‘new baby’ smell or the way the snuggle at your neck. 🙂 Keep the posting the pics. I have to learn how to do this. It’s great.

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