Tea & Scones at Kingston House

Tea & Scones at Kingston House

Right off the official site – “Delicious Devonshire Teas are served from the 1st Sunday in March until the last Sunday in November from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Scones are freshly baked on the premises, and in chilly weather, a log fire keeps the Dining Room warm and cheerful.”

Mmm, fresh scones with jam + cream. . .

4 thoughts on “Tea & Scones at Kingston House

  1. I love coming up for tea + scones on the odd Sunday,
    Orlando + Dadda! so it was an easy guess where I wanted to go for my first Father’s Day ^_^

    The Devonshire Tea is run entirely by volunteers, + your $5 for tea & scones goes towards maintaining the House + Park.

    Kingston Park is a great place to walk to anytime! It’s completely family friendly, play equipment + picnic spots galore. The Tjilbruke monument overlooking the beach + bay is actually my + reya’s moon-watching/wine-swilling spot :o There’s a great cliff walk with native revegetation + spectacular views of Holdfast Bay. Easily one my favourite places in Adelaide!

    Kingston House & Park

  2. How very proper with linens and everything! And look at you, writing with the decorative ‘u’. We recently played Scrabble with our Brit B&B guest. The first new rule was that the decorative ‘u’ was not allowed. He protested, citing the fact that without the ‘u’, many of those words were not only mispronounced, but actually Spanish!

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