trick or treat

Orlando is a Honey Bear for Halloween Check out my Halloween style! This is my Honey Bear outfit that Mummy knitted for me when she found out she was pregnant. I wore it to the babies group today, but its significance was lost on most of those fools, nobody celebrates Halloween this far south of the equator.

So, we went to the mall. I was in the HugaBub baby sling, all nice and snug, lookin’ lookin’ at all the things and the people. Only, the people kept looking at Mummy as if she was some crazy lady. They kept saying “oh! I thought that lady had a teddy bear! It’s a cute baby!” Then they wanted to talk to us. It took forever to get out of that place. My mummy might be a bit eccentric, but she’s not a total fruit loop (yet).

Cute Bear Style

*this post translated from gubbe-nya by ‘lando’s mum

5 thoughts on “trick or treat

  1. I think that you will absolutely get to meet (+ cuddle + talk nonsense to) little Orlando, simply because if I thought I wasn’t going to see you again I would cry. 😥

  2. P.S. I’ve recently discovered several awesome knitting patterns through random blog-surfing, so if you’ve stumbled on to this page looking for a bear suit pattern Orlando is wearing a Debbie Bliss pattern from her book Nursery Knits, although she has an updated boot and mitten-less pattern in Baby Cashmerino. I can’t remember the name of the yarn I chose (something 100% Australian merino, but spun and dyed in Italy) but I was trying to make it look like the Bear PJs that Lain wears in the anime series ‘Serial Experiments: Lain’.

  3. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been knitting the same toddler sweater for like 3 years. I just got it out again, so hopefully it’ll be finished soon. And, I’m also sorry to say that my little one is getting too big to wear a honey-bear suit! So I’ll have to keep ogle-ing yours! 🙂

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