The wee man is 3 and a half months old already! He has learnt, and then forgotten, and then remembered how to roll over. He is happy, happy, happy! Smiles for everyone! He is very strong, and very vocal – he will tell you all about it!
His hair was looking mighty strange – long black locks from the top and at the temples, but reddish peach fuzz everywhere else, except at the back where it had all rubbed off. Most attractive @_@ So we shaved him bald! Now he really looks like a baby, and also like Yul Brynner. And, of course, I can’t wait for his hair to grow back.

7 thoughts on “Yulando

  1. You shaved the baby! I can’t believe you shaved the baby! Bald! Did you at least try a French braid before taking such drastic action? Does this count as his first haircut? His Dad didn’t have his first haircut until he was two.

    It takes a mighty good looking man to carry off bald. Luckily, Yulando has what it takes!

  2. Might explain why I hate haircuts so much >_< Yeah, so, he looks like Tripitaka even MORE now. I already want to eat the priest! Why you tempt a monster! A monster tempts himself ^_^ Bath time. . . it is like, soup is ready.

  3. Maria called Wednesday this week to tell us that Lucas had started rolling over. I figured it would never happen cuz he is such a butter ball.
    Lifting Lucas and his baby seat into the car bracket is major. I will ask H to send a pic. of chubby. Lucas was born the day before or day after Yulando.
    Shaving bald is beautiful. What a great head.

  4. Lucas has the comb over(like his grandfather) going on right now but needless to say he will get his first haircut before he turns one.

    Bald is good but only at this age LOL!

  5. Now look here folks “Bald is beautiful””
    Lucas is trying to walk now and the hair is sparse.
    His aunty Eileen sent him a Yoda costume for Halloween. We took pictures a day or so ago and the camera ate them.
    We are trying.
    Think of aunt Amy’s husband—Eric——he is rather bald as a matter of fact a whole lot bald and he looks very kool!!!

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