good morning pterodactyl

Lucky for me Orlando is a happy morning baby. He likes to chat and give hugs & kisses after breakfast. I have no idea what he’s saying, but it sounds exciting!

Perhaps he’s telling us about the two sharp little teeth that emerged yesterday?

8 thoughts on “good morning pterodactyl

  1. So Cute. Oh So CUTE. Sounds like an alien transmitting signals to whales on a distant planet. Where can I get one? Did I mention, So So Cute.

  2. Dearest Ben,
    As a reward for adoring my son I went on a mission to take photographs of Miss Delana for you today. Unfortunately she will have to remain a Woman Of Mystery as I couldn’t find her! I will keep trying.

    Eat pumpkin pie for me? Oh, how I do miss Pumpkin Pie, and I especially miss making pie with Renee. *sigh* Good thing I have some healthy distractions!

  3. That was some crazy sounding blasts!! Sounded like you have a little man with at least 4 seperate sets of vocal chords! Wow that would be something….a whole choir in a single person! He’s a good looking lad…definitely got that from his mums side! The true judge will be when the fro starts to grow!

    Merry Christmas from the other side of the globe!

    jj 😀

  4. Wow, impressive sounds! And like Jonski says he’s great looking lad. Some babies you just SAY are cute. He actually is! And very.

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