5 thoughts on “O’s 1st Camp

  1. If you look carefully in the photo, O is equipped with his magic blanket as well as a spare leaf.

    beetle love
    Check out the cool antennae! Also popular are the legs, looks like a jig.

    This early riser I found climbing our Been. It climbed to + then sat on the roof a while being very shiney. . .

    blue faerie wren
    . . . + then was possibly eaten, if so it was probably by one of these tiny colourful fellows.

    Mr. Blue here was happy just running around our camp, being cheeky + wagging its nether regions.

    Trig hike We hiked to the big grass to see some Big Sky, also possibly some Kangaroo Island. Note little peekin’ action.

    red faerie wrenThe Been became aquainted with this faerie wren while we on walkabout. We found it flirting with the side mirrors.
    Looking for spiders?
    Checking his hair?

    We may never know the truth.

    dusky rooAll the roos came out to graze + laze in the clearing at the center of the campsites. This guy is getting a better look at me

    What else did we see? A centipede, some of those yellow-pincered jumping ants (yeah, wtf right?), loads of galahs + green parrots, 3 Big-Ass crows, butterfly families, a couple wallaby, + more than a few hares (invasives, unfortunately). There was a partial bandicoot sighting, but that doesn’t count.


    Thunderyshowers were forecast but we had a dry night + a sunny day for hiking (as seen here in designer French Outback).

  2. Nice smooth little face there!! And the baby is cute too! 😛 You can’t camp with a buttondown cardigan!? Where’s the flannel? How come you didn’t stick him in under a cage trap? Then you could run around screeming, “I THINK THE DINGO ATE MY BABY!!”

    MMmmmm Dingo bait……now that’s camping!

    *jealousy of the Australian beauty is all to evident! 🙂

  3. Wow, Pretty. Love the giant grasses. We’ve got something similar in Arizona, gotta take a photo next time I’m near it.

    Good to get the kid in the outdoors. Too many kids stay indoors and know nothing of the outside world. Probably where all those fears of spiders, bees, and other silly little things comes in.

    Orlando’s cute in his camping getup. Should have brought an imitation fire, gas fueled and safe during most bans, but still cooks a marshmallow. Not the same, but better than nothing.



  4. Fortunately no dingos in Deep Creek, jj @_@

    Yeah, the giant grasses rock. I also like the deep scrub that forms canopy over the trails, so it feels kind of like a hedge maze.

    I guess we could roast marshmallow over our simmerlite, but that seems wrong, + wouldn’t the mallow come out flavoured like white gas? You said it best – not the same. . .

    Orlando had such a good time. He’s a big fan of tent technology, so waking up in a proper one equalled lots of happy squealings. He was so cozy on my back he fell asleep, which is pretty unusual. The rest of the time he was lookin’ + grabbin’ + natureshowhostin’ like a pro ^_^

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