6 thoughts on “Grobot II

  1. Supper cute,

    Is that a billion little robots? Ok so I’m ubber geeky but I’m tre’-interested in size, canvas, medium etc…


  2. Indeed, a veritable storm of robot faces!

    Canvas is just pre-stretched from the hardware shop, 16x12in. I used water-based acrylic with a bit of hard lines done with a felt tip, though if I did this again, I would head into the city + find me a decent paint pen. I went through a lot of felt tips going over the acrylic

  3. A beauty you’ve got there! Grobot looks very detailed, something I don’t see in a lot of your art. Often your detail is implied but not always really there. This guy is quite literal in his presentation. The eyes are killer! Has he got hearts on his lunchbox? 😀

  4. I really like that he’s brought a suitcase. Any old robot can just stop by, but he’s brought along a change of underwear. Considerate all in all.

  5. You guys crack me up ^_^

    Thanks for the link Ben. . . I’ve started seeing ’em all over the place. O was given a matching shirt + shorts outfit, + who’s on ’em? GROBOT @_@

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