ready or not

Three sleeps until a toy boat on the Serpentine opens at Gallery 139. I’ve been working on the show for so long it’s hard to know what I’m feeling. I know I love the work, I love how it looks in the gallery & (most importantly 😉 ) I love the dress and shoes I found to wear on Friday night.

Art stuffs aside, those of you few faithful readers are possibly wondering what about the baby?? Well, he’s still the coolest ever, and gets ever more winsome everyday. He will tell you himself that he’s now a little boy. (Actually he would point at himself and say “‘lando boy” with much head nodding) He’s very polite with lots of please & thank-you, hello & goodbye. He is also very affectionate, he gives lots of cuddles and kisses and often wishes to kiss un-kissable things: today’s list includes the moon and a pigeon. He’s quite the chatterbox (often remarked upon by complete strangers) and has already discovered how to use his big eyes, long lashes and beautiful smile to achieve his own nefarious ends.
Orlando Cobain
He also appears to have a similar dress-sense to the late Kurt Cobain.

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