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So last month Aurelia went off to the Gold Coast to promote her coolfun happy people (well, ok, it was a coolfun moody boat this time, which she neglected to blog about so I can’t link it properly cyclops shaking a fist in anger), + from what I gather it was a pretty strange show. Queensland was flooding that weekend, but luckily not where she was! Being out east meant she got to visit with her papa who has recently relocated to Brisbane, + check out the new factory. Also, shopping. It is a state law that Adelaide shops may only carry the same stuff in different colours, although I believe they are looking into repealing the different colours clause.

On the flight home, she rolled well on the Random Encounter Chart, meeting a sleep-deprived traveler from the Netherlands (frequently referred to as Holland by we uncouth landlubbers), stopping over in Adelaide for a handful of days on his way back home after an extensive backpacking tour of Oz. Deciding to cash in some of the incredible stockpile of couch-surfing karma we’ve accumulated over the years, we invited him to stay the night rather than rock up to potentially-full hostel at 11pm. Also, the synchronicity of meeting a cheerful wanderer named Christ less than a week before Easter is not easily ignored.
Orlando + Christ in the garden In the morning, Orlando (ever the early riser) was naturally surprised at finding a strange someone sleeping in the sunroom, but being quite the resourceful little fellow, he knew just what to do – whip out the alphabet flash cards + see what the new guy knows! Fortunately, Christ’s English is impeccable, + they were fast friends. We ended up keeping Christ for his whole stay 🙂

In this photo you can see O wearing his Maddy Moose tee. He has been diligently studying up on Alaska in preparation for our upcoming visit, telling most anyone who will listen about ‘laska bear, ‘laska moose, + Gramma Dawn (many are the unsuspecting local nannas who, while meandering past our front yard, are falsely identified as the enigmatic but undeniably wonderful Gramma Dawn. Send some more pictures, mom!).

Meanwhile, Aurelia is tanking away at her Masters in Art Sprek, Orlando’s speech, counting, + general level of underfoot upineverything remains at an explosive rate of growth, + I continue my initiation into the Librarians’ Guild, returning to school after nearly a decade only to discover I am still a terrible student >_< . . . luckily I am fond of the subject. I've also been finishing off the last of the Grobot Series, which isn't far away now woo hoo etcetera. Orlando has been very helpful with this canvas, being very forthcoming with constructive criticism - "Splashes from the mountain good. Hm. Bubbles, more bubbles, dadda." Always nice to receive some feedback.

3 thoughts on “keep on truckin’

  1. We had a lovely stretch of sunny but mild days while Christ was visiting, + we made sure to make use of it!

    Easter beach crew

    Christ + his friend Tjard kept a blog of their adventures, which can be found here.

    You may need to brush up on your Dutch to be able to appreciate it fully 😉

  2. i see mister o has taken to wearing pants. luckily christ went topless, so all things are still in balance… xo

  3. You know, we’d wandered down to the beach without really intending to get in, so O is wearing a nappy under his shorts, + naturally, not long after this photo, he sat down + ended up going sans-pants anyhow 😛

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