Who’s up for a street party?

We’re back in Adelaide and all set to rock SALA 2009 ^_^ This year the Powers of Serendipity have included me in cool kids party with the Queen Street crew.

Queen Street will be closed to automobiles for the evening of the 6th of August to allow the good times and art appreciation to flow from shop to shop. Tasty beverages have been generously donated by Fox Creek Wines.
Other artists and venues in the vicinity include:
Gerry Wedd and Chris De Rosa @ Curious Orange
Susan Frost, Cassie Thring, Tamara Hahn and Bridgette Minuzzo @ One Small Room
Mandy Whitten @ Azalia Boutique
Lee welch @ Mushroom Boutique

Retro funky vintage store Hype & Seek in Croydon, Adelaide will be the location for my 2009 SALA Festival exhibition. Genevieve and Dexter – the treasure hunters of Hype & Seek – will be making homes for images from a toy boat on the Serpentine (plus a few new pieces) amongst the goodies and gumdrops in their store. The exhibition runs from the 7th to the 23rd of August, with a HUGE opening night on August 6th from 6pm to 8pm in collaboration with other Queen Street precinct shops and eateries.

SALA 2009 invitation
Hype & Seek is located at 3 Elizabeth Street, Croydon and is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 5, and Sunday 12 to 4.

5 thoughts on “Who’s up for a street party?

  1. Could it be one of my favourite artists exhibiting on my favourite streets in one of my favourite stores….its all too much excitment!!!

  2. The opening was HUGE. I had a great time and met lots of new, interesting people. Happily all the new, interesting people really loved my work and the curvy glass (from Tudor Glass. Thanks Les!).

    An especially big and sparkly thanks to Gen and Dexter from Hype & Seek for being The Most. This exhibition wins hands down for most fun. Another big thank you to the best hairdresser in the world: Marie of Curious Orange, who brought us all together.

    And thanks to you too, I think you’re pretty neat.

  3. how long you been going there missy? i miss curious orange. please send my warmest regards to my ole hairdresser kaaaren… you know as soon as i got to york, i went to a bloody hairdresser who cut a MULLET!!! i had to go cut it all off ‘gain. kaaaren and i worked for months on all that hair. sigh. anyways – so glad to hear the exhibition opening was such fun!! missing you. enjoying ninjakitty again after that hiatus bomb. xxx

  4. Sounds like a killer time, I’m sad I couldn’t make it. We need to work on getting you some exhibitions in the PNW, better commute for me.

    Are there pictures from the opening someplace???

  5. Mullet = The Fear. Even in the 80s I couldn’t understand why that haircut existed. Curious Orange does appear to be where are the cats with the sharpest hairdoos get their doos done. Fiona I am unsurprised that you were a regular ^_^

    Yes, the site being down was actually scary. Luckily it’s all sorted now, and hopefully I’ll have a better time with my new domain registrar.

    Any international exhibitions would be most exciting @_@. I’ve been trying to tempt a gallery in San Francisco with my work, but no news on that front >_< Still, there's lots of chickens in the sea. No photos of the Queen St party unfortunately. I was busy talking with the peeps (very rewarding & thought provoking) and my faithful crusaders were home getting ready for first day of day care. I can tell you that parked in the middle of the street there was a ute with a sofa in the tray full of exuberant black-clad teenagers; very tasty tasty wine and lots of it; loads of people really enjoying themselves including all the artists. One of my favourite parts of the evening was how people would come into Hype & Seek, check out the work and leave with a pair of vintage sunglasses, a new dress or an electric blue velvet sofa. Not the usual gallery experience - totally brilliant.

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