…7 months later

Snuffy Peaches evolved into Fatty Lumpkin! He uses sparkly grin 😀 It’s Super Effective!!

For the most part, life is very sweet indeed for the ‘roeses (that’s us). Azaro is a very happy baby, Orlando is a superstar: they *heart* each other absolutely adorably. Mummeh & Daddo count their blessings to have such lovely children.

How ridiculously cute is this??
Orlando is 100% ready for Azaro to move into his room. He also thinks he’s ready for bunk beds.

Let’s recap a very busy few months:

  • Goondaloo Cottage – we took Nanna with us this time! Ickle loved his first ‘camping’ adventure, we made it to the waterfall, & ‘lando continued to show us all his prowess in the wild:
  • New Years Fireworks – traditional boomsparkles on the beach. Even Ickle stayed up to see them 🙂
  • Cape Jervis with Karen and Richard – you gotta take these guys camping, they’re a blast. Uncle Troy loaned us his beach shack for the weekend. It has bunkbeds ^_^/
  • Picnics in the Botanic Gardens with Gab, Chris, Brigid & Annika – nevermind Orlando jumping out in front of a bride walking down the ‘isle’, we had a lovely time. Lotus in bloom, mystery fruit discovered, heaps cake et.
  • Great Uncle Fergie’s 80’s Birthday – road trip! This should have its own entry, we loaded up the Unclemobile with boys, snacks & Nanna & made our way East. Stayed at the Nunnery, & again, BUNK BEDS! Orlando made friends with all the other guests & was generally famous. There was some confusion about bread rolls, & a singular bee sting, but otherwise we really enjoyed ourselves in Melbourne. Meeting up with the Anderson clan was spectacular, although Uncle Fergie was unsuccessful in his bid to keep Orlando (Nanna was ready to throw down).
  • There’s also been lots of hammering and painting at the Nest. Our little place is undergoing metamorphosis. Photographic evidence forthcoming. In fact, I think I’m going to start a whole new category for all the things we’ve learnt about Making House.

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