massive dollops of awesomesauce

I have had an extraordinary week. extraordinary! :duck:
Last week one of the photographers whose work I admire most came to Adelaide to give a Masterclass, and I was lucky to have won a coveted spot. It was a richly rewarding experience. I met photographers from all over the country with similar interests to my own. We geeked out. & I had the chance to talk about my work with a rare individual. I feel so wow.

I’d like your opinion on my new project too, if you don’t mind? Here’s a new bit, fresh out of the developer.

Today rounded the week off nicely with a warm and sunny baby shower filed with tasty things to eat and delicious conversations. I’m so full of good feelings I could burst!

2 thoughts on “massive dollops of awesomesauce

  1. like it a lot, very intriguing!! a twisted albeit sinister cross between Matthew Barney and Beatrix Potter? would love to see more please!!!!!
    much love!

  2. Thanks, Tats (and all you facebook friends). I didn’t know about Matthew Barney! I’ll put up some more of my work soon, promise.

    It looks like I wasn’t the only one to find the Gregory Crewdson Masterclass to be rewarding. Sundari and Gee also report some significant happenings. Greg Ackland, you are a genius for making this happen, and I take my hat off to you!

    In other news, I presented some of my research (the ready-speaky-thinky bit, but without the makey part) at a symposium this evening and it went really well 🙂 Yay for interesting research!

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