Orlando’s had a passion for Owls ever since Christmas – anything and everything OWLS.

Orlando in his owl jumper

Master Orlando, age 4 years, sporting a rainbow-eyed owl jumper

When the lovely Miss Amy Patterson introduced me to Kate Davies’ impossibly cute owl jumper I knew just what Master O would be getting for his 4th Birthday. Here he is in tweeded baby alpaca. Yum!

While I was knitting it up Orlando told me the “hoo -hoolies” needed rainbow eyes… I’m not sure that it looks quite right, but he is well pleased & that’s what matters ♥

Azaro the pea green owlet meets a ladybird

It was just so easy and so fun I made one for the Boocious Babe too. I don’t plan on making a habit of dressing my children in the same clothes/ different colours – but when a pattern is so cute and fun to knit, well, I’ll just have to bend that rule.

7 thoughts on “Hoolie-gans

  1. Rainbow eyes + tweedyness = good. They’re sooo cute! (both the jumpers and the boys)
    And you are definitely a faster knitter than I am! (not that that was ever in any doubt)

  2. Wow! Remember how you used to knit back in 2003? Not that it wasn’t good then, but now your knitting is downright professional! I am so glad I got all those photos of you doing hats and booties. The more famed you become, the more valuable those photos will be!

    • Do you ever wear that kitty hat I made for you? It’s hard to beat your fox coat, I know.

      I owe all this knitting insanity to my dear friend Renee, whom I miss very much. If she hadn’t insisted I learn – well just what would I be doing with myself??

  3. i love this pattern! and have been knitting the same sweater for myself this summer. crazy! LOL, now we all will be matching 🙂

    • That *is* crazy that you’re knitting the same pattern Tats – but it does solve a question I’ve been asking myself: Yes I absolutely will make one for myself. 😀 Owl peoples, unite!

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